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10 Ways to Keep yourself Safe When You are Dosed with Ketamine

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, ketamine is often used at raves and clubs. Unfortunately, it is not always used voluntarily. Ketamine is a date rape drug as well as a recreational drug. It is important to know how to keep yourself safe when you are using the drug or if someone accidentally dosed you with the drug.

1. Do Not Accept Drinks from Strangers

One way to make sure you do not suffer from accidental exposure to the drug is to not accept drinks from strangers. If someone wants to buy you a drink, make sure you watch the bartender make it.

2. Watch your Drink while you are in Public

When you are at a table or the bar, keep an eye on your drink. Someone can slip something in your drink in a matter of seconds. It is important to keep an eye on what you are drinking so that no one can slip ketamine in.

3. Get a new Drink if you have Any Doubts

Dosed with Ketamine

Don’t leave your drink unattended when you’re around strangers.

If you suspect your drink has been tampered with, you should not continue to drink it. It is far less damaging to purchase a new drink than to be dosed with ketamine.

4. Realize that Something is Very Wrong

If you take a drink and you feel or tastes something is wrong with it. Stop drinking it and talk to a friend about what is happening. If you are alone seek the help of someone that you trust. Ketamine takes affect very quickly.

5. Know what the Drug Feels Like in your System

Even if you take ketamine regularly, you should know what the drug normally feels like in your system. If anything feels off seek help immediately. The ketamine you got could be mixed with something toxic and possibly dangerous.

6. Stay Around Friends if you Feel Strange

If you begin to feel strange, get or stay around your friends. Tell someone you trust that you do not feel like you should and ask them to help you.

7. Tell your Friends that Something is Wrong

Once you know something is wrong with your drink or the ketamine you took intentionally make sure your friend knows. Do not let them dismiss your concerns about the problems.

8. Enlist their Help

Ask them to call someone or to take you to a medical or treatment center. Your friends know what you act like normally. They should be able to get you help when you know that something is wrong.

9. Make sure they Did not Give you the Drug

Make sure that your friends did not surprise dose you. Although it is a sneaky thing to do, it does happen particularly if you are addicted and trying to quit. Many people, particularly dealers will attempt to keep you addicted to the drug.

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10. Seek Medical Help if you Begin to Have Unusual Thoughts or Feelings

Seeking medical attention and treatment when either you start to feel the effects of ketamine or ketamine addiction is extremely important. If you need help with ketamine addiction, call use at 800-601-3889 (Who Answers?). We can help you overcome your ketamine addiction or help you with the symptoms of ketamine dosing.

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