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Everything You Need to know about Special K Addiction

Special K is one of the many street names for the anesthetic Ketamine. Ketamine is primarily a veterinary tranquilizer but some human doctors still use it as a pre-surgery anesthetic. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Special K, when taken recreationally, is a dissociative drug. Although Special K is not physically addictive, it is definitely psychologically addictive. This makes Special K addiction much harder to break. In order to understand Special K as a drug, you need to know what it is and what its effects on a person’s body, health, and life are.

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What is Special K Addiction?

Special K addiction is the uncontrollable desire to use the drug Special K. Special K is a highly addictive dissociative drug. While it is often used in both veterinary and human medicine, it is also used for date rape, escape, and many other recreational purposes. The drug itself has no legal use other than as an anesthetic. Despite this, many people choose to use it at raves, clubs, parties, and at home.

Side Effects of Special K Use

Part of the reason why people use Special K is the fact that it is rapid onset. The pleasant effects come on very quickly after you use it. These pleasant effects are:

  • dreaminess
  • floating sensation
  • numbness
  • out of body feelings
  • hallucinations
  • perceived insight into the world, universe, and life

Unfortunately, these pleasant side effects are often accompanied by unpleasant side effect. These unpleasant side effects are:

Special K Addiction

Amnesia and confusion are common side effects of Special K addiction.

  • strange heart rate patterns
  • poor vision
  • poor concentration
  • nausea
  • amnesia
  • elevated heart rate
  • high blood pressure
  • delirium
  • rash
  • depression
  • seizures
  • confusion
  • vomiting

These effects last between one and five hours. This length depends on the amount use, level of tolerance, and frequency of use. Most people who are addicted have a tolerance making the high off Special K shorter.

In addition to these short term effects Special K also has long term effects. These long term effects are:

  • permanent memory loss
  • anxiety leading to anxiety disorders
  • night terrors
  • bad dreams and realistic nightmares
  • post traumatic stress disorder
  • loss of consciousness
  • mental and mood disorders
  • depression
  • increased blood pressure requiring treatment
  • neurosis
  • flashbacks

Although some of these long term issues are treatable, some are more permanent.

Signs of Addiction

There are ways to tell if someone you know is addicted to Special K. Some things to check for if you suspect someone is addicted to Special K are:

  • Physical symptoms such as:
    • slurred speech
    • hallucinations
    • paranoia
    • confusion
    • sniffing
    • lack of coordination
    • elevated pulse
  • Social symptoms such as:
    • changes or loss of friends
    • new friends who also exhibit signs of addiction
    • changes in places they go
  • Monetary symptoms such as:
    • job loss
    • being frequently late to work
    • borrowing money
    • stealing money
  • behavioral symptoms such as:
    • mood changes
    • anxiety
    • difficulty speaking
    • decreased attention span
    • leaving without reason
    • being secretive
    • other erratic behaviors

These are not the only indications that someone is using Special K but they are indications that something wrong. Because Special K can cause serious psychological damage, it is important to bring the possibility of drug addiction to their attention. Some people may be addicted and not fully realize it.

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Special K and Other Drugs

Special K is very dangerous when combined with other drugs and alcohol. Anything that is a respiratory depressant or raises the heart rate is dangerous when taken with Special K. The potential for combined effects is very high with Special K. This is how many people overdose on this drug. The combination of Special K and other drugs proves too much for the body and something gives out. It is like this with most of the psychedelic drugs.


Although Special K rarely kills people but it does have the potential for overdose. An overdose of Special K leads to deep sedation, loss of control, and psychosis. There are people who are physically still alive but are mentally broken, because of a Special K overdose. It is possible to go on the trip and never come back.

This overdose happens whether you are a first time user or not. It can also happen with small amounts. Most of the time a Special K overdose happens when someone uses Special K and another drug such as alcohol or an opiate.

Is Special K Illegal?

Although vets and hospitals use Special K, it is illegal for anyone who is not at a hospital or affiliated with a veterinary practice to possess it. Therefore, if you have it and you are not one of these two things, police can arrest you for illicit drug possession. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, Special K (ketamine) is a schedule III non-narcotic drug and has been since 1999. It is illegal and falls under the Controlled Substances Act.

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Is there Help for Special K Addiction?

Yes, there is help for a Special K addiction. There are inpatient, outpatient, and combined programs that provide drug treatment and counseling to help you overcome your addiction. This powerful anesthetic causes mental instability and long term damage to the brain. It is important to seek treatment if you suspect a Special K or ketamine addiction.

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