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What not to Say to a Recovering Ketamine Addict

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, ketamine is a dissociative club drug. Although ketamine is not considered one of the more addictive drugs and is rarely habit forming, it can be psychologically addictive. This is why many people seek treatment for ketamine addiction. The drug can be extremely disruptive to a person’s life, work, and family.

As with anyone recovering from addiction, it is difficult to know what to say to them when they leave treatment. It is possible to hurt someone by asking innocent questions or making seemingly innocent statements. There are a few things you definitely do not want to say to someone recovering from a ketamine addiction.

It will be Okay

Recovering Ketamine Addict

Let your friend talk when they’re ready, and simply be there for them.

This phrase is a particularly touchy one. Sometimes recovering addicts want to hear it but most of the time it is very frustrating. Saying it will be okay is like saying that their feelings and the recovery does not matter. It is a benign useless statement. Things you can say in place of it will be okay are:

Do not be surprised if the recovering ketamine addict responds poorly to this. Sometimes there is no way to help. Their response might be unrealistic such as the phrase “shoot me.” This is a way of saying that there is nothing that you can do but they are feeling bad. Remember, their responses are not really directed at you and are a product of what they are feeling.

Can’t You Just Get Over It

The answer is no, they cannot just get over it. Even though they are out of rehab and are recovering, it takes time. It takes a lot of time. Recovery is not a simple process and it is a hard one, particularly when they were using the ketamine to get away from their problems. Ketamine is a dissociative drug; many people use it to make reality go away. Letting go of that warm safe place they let the ketamine take them too is very difficult.

If you are Worried about What to Say Try Listening

First, if you are worried about what to say or how to act around someone just out of ketamine recovery, do not say anything at all. Let them talk. If they want to tell you about their experience or drug use, they will. Most people will talk about the rehab or the addiction if they want to.

If they do not want to talk about it, leave the subject alone. Talk about things that you used to enjoy talking to them about. The same things that were normal before are still normal now.

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