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20 Lies Dealers Tell About Ketamine

Almost everyone knows you cannot trust a drug dealer. This is because they usually lie easily to sell their drugs. There are some common lies that they tell about the anesthetic ketamine.

1. Ketamine is not Addictive

Although ketamine is not known to be physically addictive, it is psychologically addictive.

2. The More you do the Better the Trip is

The ketamine experience depends on the person, not how much they take. Some people say small amounts are better, while others say large amounts are better.

3. There are No Long Term Effects of Ketamine Use

There are a myriad of long term effects, some of them embarrassing others deadly with more appearing as long term research continues.

4. It is Safe

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it is not safe. It is a very heavy anesthetic and can kill.

5. Everyone is Doing Ketamine

Lies Dealers Tell

A ketamine dealer will likely claim that they don’t cut the drug with any chemicals.

Only a very small percentage of the total population has even heard of ketamine, much less tried it.

6. Doctors use it All the Time

Yes, doctors that are trained in ketamine dosages and medicine do use it as an anesthetic and an end of life painkiller.

7. It is a Pain Killer

Yes, it does kill pain but it is only used in ICU’s and as an end of life remedy.

8. You will See God

It is nearly impossible to tell what anyone sees during a ketamine trip. Although many people say they see god, ketamine is a hallucinogen. People also see Santa Claus and quite a few other things.

9. You will Reach Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual enlightenment is a very personal thing. It is not normally attained through drug use.

10. The Warnings about Incontinence are Fake

The warnings about incontinence are true. It is a long term effect of ketamine use.

11. It is Just Like the Matrix

This is one that has recently come up. Ketamine will not make you wake up to another reality.

12. You can Reprogram your Mind with It

Although it shows some promise in treating depression and other mental illness, it can hardly reprogram someone’s mind.

13. It is Not Cut with Harmful Chemicals

They use a variety of harmful chemicals to cut ketamine down for more profit.

14. You Cannot Overdose on Ketamine

Any dose over 200mg is dangerous and any dose over 250mg can be deadly. The more you take the more likely it is that you will die.

15. There are No Physical Dangers to Ketamine

Although ketamine is not generally reactive to ketamine, you can have a bad reaction to it. You also can find yourself in physical danger should you succumb to its paralytic nature.

10 Things you Didn’t Know about Ketamine

16. You Do Not Build a Tolerance to Ketamine

Most people build a tolerance to ketamine with continued use.

17. You can Mix Ketamine with Anything

Although ketamine isn’t reactive to some medications, it does react negatively to most respiratory depressants.

18. The More Ketamine you Take the Longer the Trip

Ketamine trips only last few hours regardless of how much you take.

19. Ketamine will Relax you

People have different reactions to ketamine, some find it relaxing while others find that it makes their heart race.

20. You Do Not Need Ketamine Addiction Treatment

If you are addicted to ketamine, you do need treatment. To find ketamine addiction treatment call 800-915-1270 (Who Answers?) and get more info about your treatment options.

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