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Options in Ketamine Addiction Treatment

Most people who use Ketamine are trying to have an out of body experience often referred to as a K-hole, where they feel detached from their body, likening the feeling to walking on marshmallows.

During this time they claim to have religious and spiritual visions, furious battles between good and evil and intimate conversations with God himself. When Ketamine is no longer in the system, the person might feel saddened by the loss of that ability and they will use Ketamine again to try to regain them. There are medications that help bring comfort during the detox process for both the physical and psychological symptoms associated with Ketamine withdrawal. Sedatives can help with feelings of anxiety and depression, etc. Ibuprofen or acetaminophen might be given for muscle aches, soreness and headaches.

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Treatment Options for Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine Addiction Treatment

Inpatient facilities provide the gold standard in addiction treatment.

Ketmaine addiction treatment usually begins with detoxification of the drug. The Detoxification process can be painful and unpleasant but is not life threatening. Ketamine’s withdrawal symptoms are mostly psychological, however some do report feeling anxious, not being able to sleep, excessive sweating, etc. It can also cause an increased heart rate and respiratory problems.

Ketamine addiction poses a special problem. Because most of the withdrawal symptoms are psychological rather than physical, residential detox is usually recommended. Though some are able to detox on their own at home or other safe environment, there is a better chance of lasting recovery when you involve your doctor or other drug treatment facility. There is no set amount of time for detox of any drug but for most the first step of the detox process usually takes from about three days to a week. Within about two weeks clearer thinking will surface and the next step of recovery can be decided. Don’t feel ashamed if you’ve tried to home detox before and failed. Even under the best of circumstances detox can leave one feeling completely drained and physically and emotionally exhausted.

When is it Time to Seek Treatment for a Ketamine Addiction?

Long Term Treatment

Detox is only the first step of the recovery process and according to NIDA, “Most patients require long-term or repeated episodes of care to achieve the ultimate goal of sustained abstinence and recovery of their lives”.

Many who have dealt with addictions to other drugs attest that the long term pyschological effects they suffered with Ketamine were the most difficult they have ever had to overcome and that for some time later they struggled with staying clean. That is why committing to a long term treatment program is essential in Ketamine addiction recovery.

There are many types of recovery programs that can not only focus on the physical aspect of your recovery but also the longer term psychological challenges that are often what sends a Ketamine abuser back to their addiction. Groups like Narcotics Anonymous are also thought to be very helpful with long term addiction recovery. Even if you’ve tried before and relapsed, you can’t give up. Full recovery can be achieved with the right mix of medical treatment and counseling. Talk to your doctor about a Ketamine addiction treatment program that will be best for you.

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