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10 Reasons Ketamine is Attractive to Teens

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, ketamine is gaining popularity with teens and young adults. This dangerous drug is an anesthetic and used in veterinary medicine. The fact that it is now rarely used for human medicine is an indication of how dangerous this drug can be. Its ill effects include cardiac arrest, permanent psychosis, dissociative breaks, and respiratory failure. Knowing this, you have to wonder why it is so attractive to teens.

1. It is a Hallucinogen

Some teens think hallucinating is fun. Unfortunately, are not all happy things. You are as likely to hallucinate your worst nightmare, as it is to hallucinate your best dreams. There is nothing to stop it from happening once you take ketamine..

2. People Sell it in Clubs and Raves

The clubs and raves that teens frequent often have people in the crowd selling it. Teens buy it because it is “the thing to do,” despite the negative side effects, chance of overdose, and deaths associated with it.

3. It Causes Euphoria

Just like other more hard to come by drugs, ketamine causes euphoria. The euphoric effect is sometimes brief and fleeting depending on the circumstances that someone takes it under.

4. The Club Kids use it

Ketamine is Attractive to Teens

Ketamine can make one experience a loss of identity, sometimes permanently.

Ketamine was originally popularized by what are known as the New York Club Kids. A group of rich and popular club goers from an earlier time.

5. It Separates Physical Sensation from Mental Thought

In some people, it causes a separation of thought and feeling. To some this is a wonderful experience but to most the sensation is disorienting and uncomfortable.

6. Loss of Sense of Identity

In depressed, discontent, or dissatisfied people the loss of a sense of identity is comforting. For others, they can lose themselves completely in the feeling. This loss of identity can cause permanent and debilitating psychosis.

7. Amplified Sensory Reactions

The senses are said to be amplified. This makes touch an extremely pleasurable feeling, music more bright and happy or more foreboding, and smell extreme. In some circumstances, these sensations are enjoyable. In others, they are dangerous.

8. Floating Sensation

The floating or flying sensation that often accompanies out of body experiences is a part of a ketamine high. This floating sensation goes away quickly and can lead to doing things that are extremely harmful.

How to Spot Signs of Ketamine Abuse in Your Teenager and When to Get Ketamine Treatment Help

9. Sensation of Inner Peace

One of the most attractive things about ketamine for teens and adults alike is the feeling of inner peace it gives. Unfortunately, it only gives this when the user is very close to overdosing and in danger.

10. It is Addictive

Once you start taking ketamine, it is psychologically addictive. Once you feel the pleasant feelings, you want more. You build a tolerance to ketamine quickly so it takes more and more in order to get close to the same result. This addiction can lead to serious long term side effects including permanent cognitive disability and psychosis. If you suspect you or your teen is addicted to ketamine, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. For help finding treatment call 800-915-1270 (Who Answers?) and learn more about your treatment options.

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