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12 Reasons Why High Doses of Ketamine are a Mistake

Ketamine is a popular dissociative drug that causes the mind to stop accepting sensory input from your surroundings. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, it is often referred to as a dissociative anesthetic often found in veterinary offices and some hospitals. After taking ketamine for a while, you start to build a tolerance, which prompts you to use higher doses of it. There are several reasons why using high doses of ketamine are a mistake.

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1. High Doses of Ketamine Separate Two Portions of the Brain

When you take high doses of ketamine, two portions of the brain stop communicating. These two parts are the thalamo-neocortical and the limbic system. This effectively cuts off most sensory input from the outside world.

2. It Disconnects you from Reality

The disconnection between the two portions of the brain causes a complete disconnection from reality.

3. You can Experience Severe Abdominal Pain when coming Down

High Doses of Ketamine

High doses of ketamine can cause long-term physical and psychological damage.

Severe abdominal pain and cramping are an aftereffect of ketamine. It is said that the higher the dose of the drug the more intense the pain is.

4. Injecting High Doses of Ketamine Causes Serious Damage

Injecting any drug without medical supervision can cause scarring and damage. Injecting high doses of ketamine can actually burn the walls of the veins that you inject the drug into.

5. High Doses of Ketamine Cause Liver Damage

Ketamine is processed through the liver. The higher the amount, the more damage it causes.

6. It Causes Paralysis

Doctors use high doses of ketamine to paralyze patients and render them unconscious for procedures.

7. It can Cause you to Forget What you Did

Ketamine causes amnesia. It can cause you to both do things you do not want to remember and cause you not to remember anything from the experience at all.

8. It puts you in Danger of Doing Something Stupid

Since the mind is disconnected from the outside world, you might not be in control of what you are doing.

9. It can Make you More Easily Controlled

Someone on high doses of ketamine is in a highly suggestible state. This causes people to do things that others suggest that they would not ordinarily do. One of the biggest risks is coerced sexual encounters.

10. High Doses of Ketamine Stop you From Learning New Things

High doses of ketamine impair your ability to take in and assimilate new information. You cannot learn anything new. The condition is sometimes permanent.

Why is Ketamine Abuse Dangerous?

11. It can also Stop you From Being Able to Communicate your Thoughts

High doses of ketamine when taken for an extended period of time cause you to lose touch with reality and interferes with the speech centers of the brain. You may lose your ability to speak in ways that others can understand.

12. Ketamine is Psychologically Addictive Especially in High Doses

A psychological addiction is more difficult to break than a physical one. The longer you take ketamine and the higher the dose the more likely you are to become addicted. Fortunately, there is help for ketamine addiction. We can help you overcome this addiction.

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