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10 Most Common Ketamine Symptoms

Known as a club drug, ketamine can cause a variety of side effects and symptoms. This dissociative anesthetic is used primarily in the veterinary industry. However, some people have come to find that it can give them a high. Whether it is injected into the body or snorted, ketamine can have a serious impact on the body.

What does Ketamine do?

As a dissociative anesthetic, using ketamine can distort perceptions of sound and sight. Furthermore, and typically the feeling people are chasing, it can lead to a sense of detachment from one’s self as well as the surrounding environment.

Symptoms of Ketamine Abuse

There are many symptoms associated with ketamine abuse, including the following:

Ketamine Symptoms

Ketamine abuse can cause delirium and amnesia.

  1. Hallucinations
  2. Delirium and amnesia
  3. Abdominal pain and vomiting
  4. Inability to feel pain, which can make it easier to seriously harm yourself while high on the drug
  5. Long term damage to the urinary tract and bladder, with the potential of leading to a situation in which the person has extreme difficulty urinating
  6. Long term damage to the organs, including serious issues with the kidneys
  7. Loss of coordination
  8. Respiratory depression
  9. Chest pain and muscle rigidity
  10. Seizures and coma

In addition to the 10 symptoms detailed above, it is important to understand that taking too much ketamine at one time can lead to death by overdose. While this may be rare, it is possible.

Is Ketamine Abuse on the Rise Among Young Adults?

In the event that a person overdoses on this drug, they should receive immediate medical attention. Qualified medical professionals can provide supportive care for symptoms, such as those detailed above, while paying special attention to those that could cause the most harm.

Since 1999, ketamine has been placed on the list of controlled substances in the United States. Even so, there are many who continue to abuse the drug because of the way it makes them feel. Additionally, it has been used as a date rape drug, due to the fact that it creates a dreamlike effect.

The more you understand about common ketamine symptoms the easier it is to see just how dangerous this drug can be. If you have abused this drug in the past or you believe a loved one has traveled down this path, it is important to understand the dangers of these symptoms, as well as the treatment options.

With the right approach, anybody can overcome a ketamine addiction. Call our helpline at 800-601-3889 (Who Answers?) to find a treatment center near you. 

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