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What is the Draw of Ketamine?

According to the National Library of Medicine, ketamine is a powerful anesthetic and tranquilizer. Although some doctors still use it, it is now more for veterinary use. Unfortunately, it is also a very potent psychedelic with intense dissociative properties. Since people discovered these properties, they have used it as a recreational drug. If you have never tried it you might wonder why they use it; what is the draw of ketamine?

What Does Ketamine Do?

As a dissociative drug Ketamine is known for its out of body experiences, hallucinations, and unusual thought patterns. This is why people take it recreationally. Some people describe a ketamine trip as:

the Draw of Ketamine

Some people use ketamine in order to have a spiritual experience.

  • feeling as if you are not really there
  • anesthetized or disconnection with reality
  • out of body feelings
  • feeling as if you are the center of the universe
  • seeing connections in everything around you
  • a spiritual experience
  • a mind body connection unlike any other

Most people enjoy their experience on ketamine but it can be very dangerous depending on the type and dosage that you take.

Why do People take Ketamine?

There are many reasons why a person would take ketamine as a recreational drug. Some of the most common ones are:

  • to reduce stress
  • to hallucinate
  • to get away from everything
  • to get away from their problems
  • to forget the things that they are doing
  • to be able to do things they would not ordinarily do

The draw of ketamine is that you are no longer yourself for a little while. Ketamine takes you to a warm safe place where you are disconnected from everything, including your own body and no one can touch you there. Many people use ketamine to escape or to do the things that they secretly want to do but never would sober. They use it as an excuse or to forget what they did.

Who Abuses Ketamine?

Negative Consequences of using Ketamine

The draw of ketamine is understandable in today’s high stress world. Unfortunately, ketamine comes with a variety of negative consequences that you should consider before using it to escape. Some of these consequences are:

Most people who are drawn to ketamine are those who want to escape or feel something new and different. Unfortunately, this is a very dangerous way to do it.

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